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Eddie's Golden Fish Nuggets.

Of course no good fishing site is complete with out a good fishing recipe.  This recipe is fish nuggets Louisiana style with my own added ingredients, it makes fresh water fish taste great.

Ingredients needed.

1.)  Louisiana hot sauce.  2.)  Sason original seasoning.  3.) Black pepper.  4.) Adobo, Adobo is a mixture of powdered onions, powder garlic and salt.

Preparing the Fish.

First clean off the scales and fillet the fish, wash with clean water.  Cut the fish into small 2 inch square pieces. 

Seasoning the nuggets.

Place all the fish in a large glass bowel.  Take the Louisiana Hot Sauce and lightly coat all the fish pieces.  Sprinkle on black pepper and the Adobo to your taste. Add a packet of Sason original seasoning.  Put the seasoned fish at the bottom of your refrigerator and let the nuggets cure for 2 hours.  If you like your fish more spicy/hot, use more hot sauce and let the fish nuggets cure over night at the bottom of your refrigerator.

Frying the nuggets.

Take a large frying pan and pour in fresh vegetable oil, fill the frying pan about half way up.  Put the frying pan on a medium high flame until the oil is very hot.   Take the seasoned nuggets and roll them in white flour cover them completely with flour.  Place them carefully into the hot frying oil.   Fry until they are golden brown, take them out and put them on a paper towel to let the excess oil drain off.

Serving the nuggets.

You can serve them alone as a snack or with white rice and red beans.

Taste great try them, you will like them.


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